The Smith Medical Alarm is freedom to continue to live independently in the comfort of your own home. Unfortunately one out of three elders will fall in there homes. Serious medical complications of falling are usually due to long delays in receiving the help they need. Smith Medical Alarms give you a lifeline to the outside world in the event of an emergency, even if a phone is not accessible.

Smith Medical Alarms give you peace of mind. You may not use it today, but if you need it, you’ll be glad you have it! Our flexible emergency care plan allows you to customize our response to fit your specific needs. As your situation changes, so can your plan. We keep a personal profile that includes medications, allergies, medical history, physicians, family members, neighbors, your preferred hospital and more.

The Smith Medical Alarm System’s lightweight pendant is easy to use, and is monitored by our response center around the clock. It can be worn as a necklace or wristlet and there are never any batteries to change.

The Smith Medical Alarm System costs less than a dollar a day. There are no hidden costs and you are free to cancel the service at any time.

Smith Medical Alarms has a dedicated response center staffed by trained care pecialists ready to assist you. They are on call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Highly advanced technology allows us to communicate with our customers via two-way voice contact, which is recorded to ensure the highest possible quality of service. The moment our emergency response center receives the signal from your medical alert device, our team is called into action. Your personal profile is called up by our computer and emergency services are promptly dispatched. Neighbors, friends, family members and personal physician are notified of your condition per your personal emergency care plan, and we stay in contact with you until the medical emergency is over.

For additional peace of mind, all components have been approved by Underwriters Laboratories as a Home Health Care Signaling Device.


Purchase Plan: $198.00 Purchase Price
$15.00 Monthly Monitoring Fee

Lease Plan: $ 20.00 Hook-up fee
$ 20.00 Monthly Monitoring Fee

For Additional information, please call: 330-602-7200 or 1-866-460-1320.